The Relationship Bases

The 4 Traditional Relationship Bases

The 4 Traditional Relationship bases can be thought of like a baseball field.  It outlines the physical progression of most relationships.  Before you can run to one base you have to touch the previous one first (i.e. you can’t get to second base without running to first base).  So saddle up next to your honey … it’s time to Play Ball!

First Base: Kissing
Traditionally, “First Base” is kissing — in any form.  Wether it’s a peck on the cheek or a full on make-out session, once the lips are involved you have successfully made it to first base.  Now, some people argue that in order to be considered first base you have to have the tongues involved (also known as “french” kissing) but to keep it simple and fair, a kiss is a kiss.

Second Base : Fondling / Feeling Up
Once you have mastered the tongue tango you’ll be wanting to get a few more body parts involved.  At “Second Base” the hands come into play.  You reach second base once you have started feeling each others “naughty bits”.  For girls this means feeling him below the belt.  For guys this means boobs and ass.  Either on top of clothes or underneath, you’re halfway home when you start feeling each other up!

Third Base : Fingering / Oral Sex
Now things are starting to get really hot and heavy.  Clothes are definitely not an obstacle once you’ve reached the third relationship base.  You’ve moved past the days of heavy petting and are now getting down to business using your hands and/or mouth on your partners sexual parts (penis / vagina).  Take your time at this stage … there’s not rush to run on home yet!  Third Base is for couples that are feeling very comfortable with each other.

Home Run :  Sexual Intercourse
Congratulations … you’ve scored a “Home Run”!  Home plate in the relationship bases is the epitome of physical connection you can have with your partner … full sexual intercourse.  By this point in your relationship you should be very comfortable with your partner and trust them completely.  Don’t have sex with someone until you are completely ready!  And don’t forget to always use protection!

The 10 Relationship Bases (Advanced Scale)

Because the “Traditional” relationship bases squeeze a lot into just 4 steps, some people favor the more spread out 10 Base scale.  This scale breaks down the physical progression of a relationship even more than the 4 relationship bases.

The 10 Relationship Bases are :

1. Hug
2. Holding Hands
3. Kiss on the cheek
4. Kiss on the lips
5. Open Kiss
6. Kiss with tongues
7. Touching private parts over clothes
8. Touching private parts without clothes
9. Oral Sex
10.  Sexual Intercourse

Some people like using this scale more because it can more closely pinpoint where you are in your relationship.  It’s also used by younger kids (early teens) who aren’t advancing to the later stages yet – but still want to know if they are making progress in their relationship.  As you can see, over half of this scale is dedicated to the “kissing” stage making it easier for couples in younger relationships to feel like they are progressing even though according to the 4 Traditional Bases they’d still be at 1st base.

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